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Angel Tree Tags

It’s that time again! We are planning now to make Christmas a great experience for the girls, young moms, and babies in our residential program. For most of us, the holidays are a season of giving and warmth, spent with family and friends. Our residential clients, who have been placed in our care due to neglect, abuse, and familial chaos, may have few happy memories of Christmas. While some are able to visit with relatives, there are others who, due to a shortage of kinship or foster care, will spend their holidays here in our residential facility. Please help us to make the Christmas season truly merry for all of our clients, by participating in our Christmas Angel program.

Angel Tree Tags are typically valued at $20-30 per tag. Some tags may exceed the monetary limit; in those cases, please feel free to purchase a gift card to be used towards the gift. We also take cash donations to be used towards gifts.

Gift Wrapping

We ask that the gifts are NOT wrapped due to agency policy. The gifts will be wrapped before giving them to the girls.

Delivery Deadline

Please deliver all gifts by Friday, December 7th to our administration building located at 2606 National Road, Wheeling, WV 26003. We are also happy to arrange for Crittenton to pick up gifts.

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