Our Mission:


Crittenton empowers young women, children and families by providing healing services to address experiences of violence, substance abuse, developmental trauma, and mental illness.


Who We Are:

Crittenton Services, Inc. is proud to be one of the state's first trauma-informed, multi-service agencies. Utilizing current research and evidence-based practices, Crittenton addresses the underlying issues that lead to long-term wellness consequences, with a focus on programs that enrich the health of families. Wellspring Family Services is the outpatient, home-based behavioral health services division of Crittenton Services, that has five locations throughout West Virginia.

With more than 120 years of service in West Virginia, Crittenton understands and is sensitive to its culture. Today pregnant and parenting treatment is but one aspect of our residential program's gender-responsive treatment. Crittenton is committed to quality trauma-focused work with our five distinct programs. We offer comprehensive behavioral health services that recognize and respond to the unique needs, challenges and strengths of young girls, children and families.

Crittenton WV 2018 Annual Report

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